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1. What age range is suitable for aerial arts classes?

Our aerial/circus arts classes are designed for children/adults of all ages! At the moment we have classes for ages 4 and up. Click here for our class options.

2. Are aerial arts classes safe for beginners?

Yes, our classes are structured to accommodate beginners. Safety is our top priority, and our instructors provide proper guidance, progressions, accommodations/modifications, and spotting techniques as needed throughout.

3. What will I/my child learn in aerial/circus arts classes?

Your child will learn various aerial skills like silks, lyra/hoop, sling/hammock and trapeze. In addition, they will learn some ground circus skills, such as hoop dance, juggling, and acrobatics. They'll build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and more while experiencing the thrill of aerial/circus performance.

4. Is there a weight or height limit for participation?

Aerial arts equipment is rated to take thousands of pounds of load. That being said, some moves and tricks generate vast amounts of dynamic load (drops, swings, etc.) and precautions will be taken to ensure the utmost safety for our students.

5. What attire should I/my child wear for aerial arts classes?

Please wear comfortable form-fitting clothing that students can move around freely in that covers the backs of the arms, legs and midsection. Leggings and a form-fitting t-shirt that can be tucked in or leotards with leggings and a t-shirt over the leotard works best. This prevents fabric burns, bruising, and scraping that can happen with some of the aerial apparatuses. Please be sure that clothing DOES NOT have any zippers, rhinestones, velcro or anything that can potentially snag or rip the aerial fabric. Also, please secure all jewelry, watches, and anything else that can potentially snag or rip the aerial fabric away before the start of class.

6. How long is each aerial arts class?

Our classes typically last around 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the class and age range. This provides ample time for warm-up, skill practice, and cool-down.

7. Will I/my child perform aerial routines in front of an audience?

We sometimes organize informal showcases where participants can perform routines they've learned, but participation is entirely optional. The focus is on skill development and fun!

8. Are there any prerequisites for joining aerial arts classes?

While prior experience in dance, gymnastics, or similar activities can be beneficial, it's not necessary. Our classes are designed to teach skills step by step, starting from the basics.

9. How can I ensure my/my child's safety during aerial activities?

Our instructors are certified and experienced in teaching aerial arts safely. We use crash mats, spotting techniques, and progress at a pace suitable for each student's ability. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email

10. Can parents, friends, and/or family watch during aerial arts classes?

We have designated viewing areas for parents and others to watch classes from a distance. However, please note that too much distraction can affect the concentration of the participants, especially in the beginning.


Feel free to reach out to us with any more specific questions or concerns via the form below. We're here to provide the information and support you need to make the best decision for you and/or your child's involvement in our aerial/circus arts classes.

Questions/Concerns? We're here for you!

We are happy to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. We want you and/or your child to feel as confident and safe as possible for your first experience with us!

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