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Whether you're learning aerial silks, lyra or another type of aerial dance, your experience should be fun. At Aerial Spirit, we truly want you to enjoy the spirit of this incredible art form. Your lesson can be both relaxed and intense as you work toward your personal goals.


Founder Brande Lee Morrow (shown) created Aerial Spirit to break the mold. Brande encourages self-expression in addition to learned technique within her curriculum. While there is a set standard of progressions at each level, Brande also makes sure that students feel they have choice and autonomy with what they are learning and how they choose to express the moves being taught to them. Variations are key! Above all, safety is top priority in her classes and so is the art of "play."


With Brande's award-winning background in aerial silks, lyra, hammock, pole, and hoop dance, she'll make sure each lesson is a great experience and excellent value.


Looking for aerial lessons near you?
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For your convenience, Aerial Spirit partners with studios in multiple locations around South Hampton Roads. Please check our class and private lesson availability to see what we offer at each.

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4876 Princess Anne Road, Suite 120
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23462


A studio that brings together instructors with decades of experience and credentials in performing arts, dance instruction, early childhood education, and administration.

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