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Class Policies

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Dress Code:

Please wear comfortable form-fitting clothing that students can move around freely in that covers the backs of the arms, legs and midsection. Leggings and a form-fitting t-shirt that can be tucked in or leotards with leggings and a t-shirt over the leotard works best. This prevents fabric burns, bruising, and scraping that can happen with some of the aerial apparatuses. Please be sure that clothing DOES NOT have any zippers, rhinestones, velcro or anything that can potentially snag or rip the aerial fabric. Also, please secure all jewelry, watches, and anything else that can potentially snag or rip the aerial fabric away before the start of class.

Make-ups/Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Sessions: There will be no guaranteed make-ups, so please be sure you can come to all of the classes within the session. You may cancel the session within 24-hours before the start time for full session credit for future use. After 24-hr period, no credits given. No refunds. No exceptions.

Private Lessons/Adult Classes: No make-ups or refunds. May cancel 12-hours before start time for a credit. After 12-hr period, no credits given.


*Please call or text if there is an emergency.*

Media Policy: 

We allow students to take photographs/videos for their own personal use for vocabulary retention. Please be sure to get consent from other students/instructors in class before videoing/taking photos and before posting videos/photos of others. Please refrain from posting publicly videos of the instructors teaching during class, unless they have given prior consent. We have all students agree to a media release before the start of class and all videos/photos will be used for the purposes of promotions, which could include: Aerial Spirit Dance's website; print packages, brochures, magazines, video, television, newspaper, newsletters, and/or publications that may act as fundraising ventures. The photo may or may not contain a caption identifying the individual.


While we understand that unexpected things happen, please be sure to attend all classes on time. This ensures the safety of you and/or your child as warm-up and beginning group circles are extremely important for the instructor to know any specific injuries, special needs/accommodations any students may have before the class starts. Please inform your instructor if you will be running late.

Questions/Concerns? We are here for you!

We are happy to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. We want you and/or your child to feel as confident and safe as possible for your first experience with us!

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