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6 Ideas for Self-Care Sundays

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Show yourself some love today
Self-Care is Self-Love

Did you know that September is #selfcareawarenessmonth?

Let’s celebrate by treating ourselves to some love this month!

Can we make a pact to incorporate at least one self-care habit into our routines on Sundays? Let’s call it “Self-Care Sunday”!

To get you started, here’s a few suggestions that you can try TODAY!!

1. Start a Fun Project: This can be knitting/ crochet (sweater weather is coming ya’ll!); candle making; baking; essential oil rollers. Whatever your heart desires!

2. Move Your Body: This one is always a favorite of mine. And if it’s a nice day, I love to be outside moving my body. For example, a nice sunset walk on the beach; a nature hike; or a walk around a park is always nice too! If your local to Hampton Roads, Mt. Trashmore or Chesapeake City Park are great for a stroll. ☺️

3. Write Yourself a Love Note: I did this once when I was in circus school and it was so lovely to open it months later and hear kind words coming from me. Oftentimes we can be so critical of ourselves, so it’s nice to get into a practice where you write down and/or verbalize positive affirmations to yourself.

4. Create a Vision Board: This is my ULTIMATE favorite, especially around a New Moon (which was this past Thursday 😉). It so empowering to write down your goals and desires and then slowly see them get crossed off as you take the small steps to achieve them! Also, writing them down or verbalizing them to another person tells the Universe that you are serious about your goals and opportunities will start coming your way! Keep your eyes and ears open and let the manifestation take place!

5. Take a Luxurious Bath: Make it like a mini spa day for yourself. Get a face mask and/or a hair treatment (FYI they have amazing ones at the dollar tree if your on a budget); throw in your favorite scented bath bomb; light a candle; read a book or listen to an inspirational podcast. This will leaving you feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for your week. I promise you!

6. Enjoy Nature: When we connect with nature, we connect with a deeper part of ourselves. Do some gardening; take a walk on the beach; go to a botanical garden (Norfolk Botanical Garden is amazing); take a hike in the forest. Whatever format you choose, nature is the best medicine for reducing stress levels.

6 things to start this week to incorporate into your Sunday self-care routine
6 Ideas for a Self-Care Sunday

Comment below👇🏼 with what you’re going to treat yourself to today. Or even better tag us in your story of you doing the thing!

To keep myself accountable, I’ll post mine in my IG story today

Maybe I’ll even go live. Lol. Stay tuned!

Here's a great resource for even more Self-Care Sunday ideas...

If you're interested in incorporating aerial/circus classes in as part of your or your child's self-care routine, I offer youth classes and adult & youth private lessons! Our partner, Railroad Aerial Arts, offers a variety adult classes. Check us out! Links below...

Happy Flying Everyone!



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